Some thoughts about PLL and Marlene King.
In Rosewood have passed two years in 5 seasons (many hair styles, cellphones and dead bodies meanwhile) and the girls are still in their senior year in high school while Toby graduates in cop school in no time.. WTF?!
Also Toby is 17 like the girls, right? How works the law in Rosewood?
Marlene puts all her “porn fantasy” in the Spoby moments and We all know that she hates Paily but that scene.. Really?! The Paily reunion is Just a lil kiss while the people in the hallway pass in front of the camera?! C’moooooon!!! Are you kidding me?!
Every couple has their “sweet/sexy moments” and they have just that scene.. In school?!?!
Fuck you Marlene. For everything.